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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Whine and brag your way to your fitness goals! By Kimberly Evans.

Life can be hard. Fact! It can be emotionally exhausting, even when it is physically easy!! BUT, being physically fit is so important that I think it is crucial, vital, imperative, and of utmost importance that we all find a way to get, and STAY fit! It is the best gift we can give ourselves, and others. If we are physically fit, we won't be such a drain on our health care. It helps to maintain good blood pressure and cholesterol. If vanity is your thing, and it is for katrillions of people, lets be honest, being fit indeed helps us  look better too. So, even if you are dealing with the worst that life can throw at you, one of the most empowering things you can do it get selfish enough to make, reach, and maintain a fitness goal.

Tricks to reach and maintain your fitness goals
  1. Tell every one what your goals are. 
  2. Find one or two, or 100 people that you can whine to about this, daily, if needed. You can join or create your own support group. I have found Facebook a great place for being in support groups. They are free. I created my own. It is private and it has a small list of rules. There, I vent about how hard it is to keep going, but I champion myself for doing it anyway. I ask how my friends are doing. I get inspiration from their stories. We share recipes and work outs, and we discuss the importance of relaxation. We share our struggles. 
  3. Keep telling yourself how awesome you are. No matter how little you are doing, compare yourself only to those that are doing less. Be your biggest cheerleader. Make sure your internal dialog is what you would tell your best friend. Use encouraging words. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Be your best friend.
  4. Work within YOUR limits. Be sure not to work under your limits, and equally important, not to work over them. If you are mentally exhausted, from life's real challenges, still do something. An iota of effort can make a gargantuan improvement in your mental state. Don't think of this effort as more to stress about. Shift your thoughts to understand that physical activity is a release. Something you do have control over. 
  5.  If you have been the person that has said for years, over and over and over and over..., that you are finally gonna do it, and this time you are serious, PLEASE, do yourself the very best  favor and actually do it! Or, stop saying it. Be honest with yourself! BUT don't give up.....